JohnE McCray It's About Time Tour


This is your chance to keep tabs on JohnE's adventure and stay on top of the latest stats, merchandise, tour stops, blogs, video tips and more.

This is and will be an adventure of a lifetime for JohnE McCray and his best friend, wife and partner, Jen. As always your help, support, donation and purchase of merchandise will help JohnE live out his dream. 

Think Kickstarter, a website for anyone and everyone to showcase their idea and raise funds to make it happen. Same thing here, JohnE needs your support to travel places he has never had the chance to go and play, play against some of the top players from around the world. 

"I've practiced more than anyone out there and I am ready to show them what I can do" JohnE


So please if you will, join us on this amazing journey and will make sure you get all the details and the first ones to get the best merchandise, tips and insider info on everything DISC GOLF!